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Employee Alert!! Welcome onboard Ujala Bhardwaj

Ujala Bhardwaj joins Tada Medical AB

We are happy to have Ujala with us as our Chief Compliance Officer. Ujala started with Tada Medical AB in October 2019 as an intern from Jobbsprånget and has since worked hard to prove her skills in the international job market and will now join as a full-time employee. She is thankful to the Swedish internship program Jobbsprånget and Tada Medical AB that gave her a chance to prove herself in the Swedish job market and gave her confidence back. She is well verse with her knowledge in Veterinary Microbiology, clinical trials, and regulatory affairs for medical devices. She has tremendous experience from her previous job in the clinical research industry in India. With Tada Medical AB she will not only be engaged with her duties as a Compliance officer but also in mentoring team members and working with global clients. It is great to have her on the team and we look forward to a great start.



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