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Yet another milestone achieved: Patent approval in Australia

ReLink gains patent approval in Australia

This is an exciting moment for all of us at Tada Medical to watch our success in a distant continent. We happily share that we have received patent on our technology ReLink in Australia.

The role of ReLink in hospital and home-care infusions

ReLink is an advanced IV tube connector, designed to reduce complications and costs associated with accidental disconnection events in healthcare settings, a leading challenge in hospital and homecare infusions.

According to studies, 80% of the patients presenting to hospitals require at least one intravenous cannula for the delivery of intravenous fluids and medications or blood sampling. Accidental dislodgement of the cannula out of the vein can occur when there is patient or staff interference. Dislodgement or accidental removal reportedly accounts for around 10% of catheter failures. This can cause patient discomfort, delayed IV therapy and requirement to insert a new IV device. In such scenarios, ReLink can transform the landscape of IV therapy and can enable safety for patients and healthcare providers.



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