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At Tada Group we believe in advancing patient safety and reducing medical errors in healthcare. We aim to improve people’s lives by providing needs-based, smart, and innovative solutions for the global healthcare industry.

About company

Tada is a medical device company focused on innovation and delivering high-quality solutions for unmet healthcare needs. Since its inception in 2016, Tada has received several awards and grants to develop and take to market its patented safety connector ReLink, a technology focused on making IV therapy safer and more efficient across human and animal healthcare.

At Tada, we believe in advancing patient safety and reducing medical errors in healthcare. We work to improve people's lives by providing needs-based smart and innovative solutions for the global healthcare industry. ReLink is an advanced breakaway connector for IV lines, designed to prevent patient injuries, spill of hazardous drugs, and reduce overall complications and costs associated with IV catheter complications. ReLink is the starting block to a series of products offering solutions within IV therapy.

Healthcare professionals see great value in our solution, suggesting it could help avoid additional treatments and invasive procedures.

Two main factors drive ReLink's potential: the massive scale of IV therapy, with 16 billion IV lines used every year, and the growing shortage of nurses.

Katarina Hedbeck

CEO & Co-founder

Katarina is an engineer with an MBA. She has previous work experience from product, organisation and business development, personnel responsibility for 150 employees as well as experience of international work.


Dr. Rebecca Bejhed

COO & Co-founder

Rebecca holds a PhD in engineering science, a master’s in medical science and a master’s in science in engineering. She has previous work experience within product development, quality assurance, risk analysis and GMP.


Christopher Blacker, MD

Medical Lead & Co-founder

Christopher is a registered medical doctor and a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care at the Uppsala University Hospital with great interest in healthcare management.

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The team DNA


Adaptable to rapid changes, our agility and partner network ensure swift responses, streamlined disruptions, and accelerated time-to-market for effective solutions.



We believe in fostering a growth mindset and encouraging personnel development to achieve milestones ahead.



In a collaborative, diverse setting, we prioritise teamwork, integrity, trust, and creativity. Mutual respect fuels an environment where all perspectives are valued and encouraged.



​Dedicated to impactful, simple innovation, we enhance society. Our global MedTech excellence, supported by an inclusive innovation network, meets international standards.


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