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Advancing the standard of care in IV therapy and nephrostomy drainage

ReLink / LinkUS

Welcome to Interlinked AB

Interlinked is a Swedish medical device company specialising in needs-based innovations for health and medical care. Our vision is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions for unmet healthcare needs. One such need is to protect intravenous (IV) catheters from harmful forces otherwise leading to mechanical complications. Our solution, ReLink / LinkUS, reduces complications such as dislodgement as well as spill of infusion fluids and blood, thereby promoting patient and nurses safety, reducing the burden of care at the bedside and supporting accurate drug delivery.

ReLink / LinkUS

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the most common invasive procedure in modern healthcare with 16 billion IV lines and 1.5 billion catheters used annually across the globe. Even with modern state-of-the-art solution, literature data shows that more than 40% of catheters still fail because of mechanical complications.

Our safety connector ReLink / LinkUS is a game changing device that helps to solve this global problem. Where state-of-the art focus on securement, we bring to market a weak link. The ReLink / LinkUS base technology consists of a double-valved breakaway connector, designed to prevent mechanical complications such as dislodgement.

Our product - ReLink / LinkUS


ReLink / LinkUS minimises spillage

Minimises spillage

ReLink / LinkUS  supports Efficient and smart IV therapy

Efficient and smart IV therapy

ReLink / LinkUS Supports accurate drug delivery

Supports accurate drug delivery

ReLink / LinkUS Improves patients and nurses safety

Improves patients and nurses safety


We are excited about ReLink. We would love to explore an exclusive partnership.

A leading medical devices distribution chain in Sweden


Upcoming events

A snapshot of what's keeping us inspired, excited and busy! 

April 2024
17th - 19th
Prague, Czech Republic
29th - 30th
London, United Kingdom
May 2024
HSBC Investor Event
London, United Kingdom
18th - 21nd
INS Conference
Kansas City, Missouri
June 2024
6th - 7th
Manchester, England 

Please note: ReLink operates under the name LinkUS in the US

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