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ARCHER project awarded €900K for a product to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections

Tada Medical and Amicoat to tackle unmet clinical needs

We are delighted to share about our joint project with Amicoat, Norway as a potential solution to the problem of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs). The collaborative innovation project has been awarded €900K funding from the programme Eurostars-2 (co-funded by EUREKA member countries and EU H2020 programme framework).

Eurostars is the largest international funding programme for SMEs wishing to collaborate on R&D projects that create innovative products, processes or services for commercialisation.

Tada Medical AB and Amicoat collaborate to tackle unmet clinical needs

The project´s outcome will be a potential solution that simultaneously combines the benefits of Tada Medical AB´s breakaway connector ReLink, that prevents dislodgement of the IV tube, with Amicoat´s antimicrobial peptide AMC-109 which prevents growth of bacteria and fungi (also when they occur in biofilms) and viruses.

The two-year collaborative project will combine two patented technologies to develop a family of breakaway connectors with antimicrobial properties that can be adopted for therapies ranging from rapid blood transfusion, dialysis, treatment of large animals to those requiring central venous catheters, neonatal care and insulin pumps.

We are extremely happy about this joint project and sharing resources and manufacturing solutions to tackle the unmet clinical needs. As an outcome, we intend to commercialise this technology and deliver significant value to healthcare providers globally.



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