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LSX Investival Showcase, London!

Reflecting on a remarkable time at Investival Showcase.

Connecting with peers, investors, and passionate individuals who share our vision for a healthier future was a pleasure. The interest and questions we received were truly inspiring. While not every connection may lead to an investment, we believe that building meaningful relationships holds immense value. Our mission to reduce the burden on healthcare, currently costing a staggering $72 billion in unnecessary expenses, requires collaboration and shared commitment.

We're grateful for the feedback received so far. Your support fuels our determination to make a difference. Together, we'll find the resources needed to continue bringing ReLink, our innovative solution, to hospitals where it brings value to both nurses and patients!

Let's keep the conversation going! If you're as passionate about patient safety, medical innovation, and the future of healthcare as we are, reach out to us. We're always eager to connect with like-minded individuals who want to be part of this journey towards positive change.

And a special thanks to Dorte Gram, Johan Liwing, Markus Thor, and Kristian Tryggvason.



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