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One step ahead: Patent approval in Russia

ReLink is now approved in Russia

It gives us immense happiness to share with our network that we have received yet another patent on our technology ReLink this time in Russia.

ReLink, a solution to a global healthcare problem

When the problem is that something breaks the standard solution is to make it stronger, we did the opposite - we made it weaker. Our solution to the global healthcare problem of accidental IV dislodgement is the breakaway connector ReLink. ReLink is specially engineered to enhance infusion stability by keeping connections of IV cannulas to IV lines, with a controlled break away and predictable results, thereby providing increased safety for patients and nurses across the globe. ReLink is an enabling platform technology that caters to a wide portfolio of large scale, global and profitable markets for human and animal healthcare, in hospital and homecare settings.

Soon after the CE mark approval on ReLink Care, getting another patent was an exciting news for our entire team. Now, we await the patent approval in 12 more countries and look forward to contributing to the field of health care with our innovative solutions globally.



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