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Warm welcome to our new intern Robin Chua!!

Robin Chua joins Tada Medical AB

We are delighted to welcome Robin Chua as a new intern in our team.

About Robin Chua, our new intern

Robin is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at the National University of Singapore and has a keen interest in MedTech. Previously, Robin had undertaken an independent pharmaceutical research module which sparked his interest in medical devices. On a side note, he leads a team with 3 other co-founders to run an EduTech startup in Singapore, OURFinals, a peer tutoring marketplace aimed at helping university students who are struggling in their academics.

In his free time, Robin enjoys playing guitar and singing. He also plays sports such as volleyball and dodgeball. Robin is also an inveterate foodie who enjoys cooking his own meals and exploring Stockholm in search of new and interesting places to eat whenever he has time.



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