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Achievements that bring us joy: Patent approval in the US

Relink receives patent approval in USA

We are glad to share that we received a patent for our technology ReLink in USA.

Each year, 1.2 billion catheters and 3.8 billion IV lines are used by healthcare in Europe and the USA. Current literature estimates overall catheter failure rates as high as 50 percent and out of the factors contributing to catheter failure, dislodgement is the most common*.

The benefits of Relink

Our product ReLink can prove to be a game changer in this market. ReLink is a breakaway connector that can prevent accidental dislodgement of IV lines from the patients. It can reduce errors and improve care on a global scale by reducing nursing time by the bedside.

We look forward to patent our technology in more countries and contribute to the field of health care with our innovative solutions.

*Helm, R. E., Klausner, J. D., Klemperer, J. D., Flint, L. M. & Huang, E. Accepted but unacceptable. J. Infus. Nurs. 38(3), 189–203 (2015).

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