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Down the memory lane: we turn 5 today!

Tada Medical company timeline

We are elated to share that today we have successfully completed our first 5 years. We started this journey with the Clinical Innovation Fellowships (CIF) programme and have come a long way since then.

Our Journey at Tada Medical AB

The company was founded on the graduation day of the CIF programme in the spring of 2016 and since that day, the team has persistently fought to keep the company alive and to bring the first product ReLink to the market. In the beginning of the journey lack of funding was a constant problem for the us. Everything was about keeping the costs low, which is tricky when trying to develop a medical device. In the spring of 2020, we were approved funding through the EIC Accelerator programme with project start in September 2020. The team expanded to 8 full time employees and 7 interns all in the company, because they trust that ReLink can bring immense value to hospitals across the globe and with this it was full speed ahead. We have now received the CE mark on our first-generation connector ReLink Care and are ready to enter the market.

ReLink by Tada Medical AB

ReLink takes away the most devastating consequences of a ripped-out catheter thereby preventing patient injuries and toxic exposure to healthcare professionals and reduces time for the nurses to restart a line. ReLink is a new platform technology laying the foundation for an entire product family that serves both human and animal healthcare.

We have been on an amazing journey, one that gives us a purpose to strive for excellence and for generating evidence to be commercialized. Everyone dreams that they would have invented the wheel, paper, or the nail. They look so simple, yet no one had done anything similar before and succeeded. We have succeeded in creating a connector that, despite its simplicity, can improve lives. We take pride in our disruptive innovation and humbly thank the network and friends this journey has brought to us.

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