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Employee Alert!! Welcome onboard Mohit Narwal

Mohit Narwal joins Tada Medical AB

We are happy to have with Mohit in our team as Scientific Writer. Grant applications have always been an essential part of our journey and Mohit with his amazing skills in writing will help us move ahead.

About Mohit Narwal, our new Scientific Writer

He has a PhD in Biochemistry & Structural biology from Finland. He has extensive experience in research, project coordination and has published several scientific research papers as first-author. He has worked as postdoctoral fellow and has international work experience from India, Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden. He is a fun-loving person and has a great sense of humour. While away from work, he indulges himself in cycling, dancing, travelling, and taking walks in the forest with his dog. We are excited to have Mohit with us and look forward to a very productive and fun filled journey.



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