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Tada Group: Expanding Horizons and Introducing New Company Name

Tada Group, a leading medical device company, is excited to announce its expansion and the introduction of a new company name. Celebrating its 6th birthday, Tada Group has achieved significant milestones, including obtaining the ISO certificate and CE mark for its groundbreaking ReLink connector.

With a growing team and a shift towards commercialization, Tada Group is embarking on a new phase of growth. To support its ambitious goals and facilitate expansion into global medical device markets, the company has made the strategic decision to change its name. It is with great pleasure that Tada Group unveils its new company name: Tada Group AB.

"We are thrilled to enter this exciting phase of expansion and introduce our new company name, Tada Group AB," said Katarina Hedbeck, CEO at Tada Group. "This name change aligns perfectly with our vision to bring innovative solutions to the global medical device markets. It signifies our commitment to continue delivering groundbreaking products and making a positive impact in healthcare."

Tada Group takes immense pride in its accomplishments and unwavering dedication to innovation. ReLink, the company's flagship product, represents the first of many groundbreaking solutions in its pipeline. The company believes that the new name reflects its mission to drive forward with new ideas, shaping the future of medical devices and improving patient outcomes.

As Tada Group expands its reach and strengthens its position in the industry, the company remains committed to excellence, driving innovation, and contributing to the advancement of healthcare worldwide.



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