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Employee Alert!! Welcome onboard Elena Davydova

Elena Davydova joins Tada Medical AB

We are happy that Elena has now joined as our HR Manager. Elena started her journey with Tada Medical AB as an intern from Jobbsprånget. Jobbsprånget has been helping us for two years now in finding the best talents in the Swedish job market. It gives not only the participant a chance to have work experience but also gives us a great opportunity to find the right talents for our organization.

About Elena Davydova, our new HR Manager

Elena has a master’s degree in HR and 17 years of experience in human resources management and management consulting within international companies such as Motorola, IBM, and Accenture. Elena’s specialization has always been HR business process improvement, transformation journey and change management. Elena has a deep knowledge of IT, telecom and oil industries and is fluent in English and Swedish. We are growing and we will be delighted to get all the help from her experience in personnel management. Looking forward to your start Elena.



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