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Warm welcome to our new intern Vladimir Pabon Martinez!

Vladimir Pabon Martinez joins Tada Medical AB

We extend a warm welcome to our new intern Vladimir. He is a PhD in Medical Science and a Masters. He has experience as a researcher in Swedish and Colombian research groups. He is interested in the study and evaluation of DNA-binding molecules, such as oligonucleotides and peptides, with the potential to be developed as therapeutic tools. To top it all, he is interested in the promotion of science in young generations. We are lucky to have him through Jobbsprångets internship programme.

About Jobbspranget platform

Jobbsprånget is a very important platform that bridges the gap between motivated and skilled employees and Swedish employers, creating a win-win opportunity for both parties. The four-month internship program of Jobbsprånget  provides us with an excellent opportunity for easily bringing in talents fitting the needs of our company.

We recommend Jobbsprånget to all employers who need skilled and experienced academicians eager to become a part of a Swedish organization.



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